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HunterDouglas Promo Strengthens Distribution Network

Company: HunterDouglas Window Fashions

Programs: Travel

Program Types: Reseller

Program Details: The campaign would have to increase brand reach, frequency, and sales; allow fabricators to maintain their own identity; and accommodate a range of retailers from individual designers to multistore chains. For its "Windows to the World" campaign, travel rewards were selected as the most effective motivator. Retailers would have a choice of six travel destinations based on product purchases. Besides rewards for retailers who purchased additional targeted products from fabricators, the program provided a turnkey incentive program to support fabricator loyalty among retailers. Low entry requirements attracted additional retailers. The 32 pieces of communication, all customized for the 29 HunterDouglas fabricators, included launch videos, theme letterhead, newsletters, and four-part destination mailings.

Objective: When company fabricators needed help supporting brands at retail, HunterDouglas stepped in with its "Windows to the World" promotion. HunterDouglas works with 29 independent and company-owned regional fabricators to distribute products to retailers and home design consultants. These fabricators needed merchandising assistance to maintain plant productivity and avoid the need to produce off-brand products.

Supplier: United Incentives

Results: Results reflected the success in meeting needs throughout the distribution chain: *The number of participating retailers increased by 25% *Purchases by participating retailers climbed 33% *Fabricator targets increased by 50%


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