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Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

Explores how marketers must look beyond traditional media to communicate with consumers in the changing field of advertising and promotion. Describes the shift from conventional methods to implementation of an integrated marketing communications strategy and reviews the promotional tools available to help make the transition.

McGraw-Hill Companies. 67pp. Hardcover. Cost: Varies with seller

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Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategy

A comprehensive handbook on advertising and sales promotion, covering strategic and tactical issues. Includes examples of creative advertising campaigns. The four parts of this textbook cover: Introduction to advertising and sales promotion, Communication strategy, Sales promotion strategy and Planning advertising and sales promotion.

Prentice Hall. 475pp. Hardcover. Cost: $138.40

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Advertising, Communications & Promotion Management

The definitive advertising and promotion management text for students at the MBA level. Emphasizes corporate communications and business products/services in addition to the traditional focus on consumer packaged goods.

McGraw-Hill Companies. 672pp. Hardcover. Cost: Varies with seller

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Best Sales Promotions

Reviews 126 of the best recent sales promotion campaigns. Readers will develop a better understanding of what constitutes a successful promotion and of what a good promotion can—and can't—do. A straightforward book that is useful for readers with all levels of experience.

McGraw-Hill Companies. 240pp. Paperback.

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Beyond the Brand: Why Engaging the Right Customers is Essential to Winning in Business

Beyond the Brand provides an in depth look at the importance of certain customers in the marketplace. With case studies and practical step-by-step methods, readers learn how to engage customers in a dialog that can fuel real product and marketing innovation. Readers will learn how to develop a bottom-up strategy, hone intuition and find inspiration to drive innovation, find your company's center of gravity, and identify and find new ways to listen to the key voices in your marketplace.

Kaplan Business. 304 pages. Hardcover. Cost: $7.43

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Brand Leadership: Building Assets in the Information Society

Guides managers in the implementation of strategic brand leadership. Citing such brand-focused companies as Virgin, L.L. Bean, and Nike, the authors provide hundreds of case studies to support theories on building brand equity.

Free Press. Cost: currently unavaible through amazon

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Brand Warfare: 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand

D'Alessandro, CEO of the John Hancock insurance group, offers principles for improving a company's understanding of brand usage. He succeeds at reminding everyone from the CEO to the people on the assembly line that their company's brand is its most crucial asset.

McGraw-Hill. 240pp. Paperback. Cost: $11.53

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Brands: The New Wealth Creators

The authors of 20 essays look at branding from a wide range of perspectives, from the creation of a new brand and development of brand names through packaging design and advertising. For executive-level managers who are either directly or indirectly involved with marketing and branding, this is a must read.

New York University Press. 544pp. Hardcover. Cost: $50.00

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Brandscendence: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands

Brandscendence explores what makes certain brands prevail over others. According to author, Clark, there are three elements that are essential for brand endurence: revelence, context, and mutual benefit.Clark also outlines his formula for branding success and illustrates how it's applied by the world's most prominent brands.

Kaplan Business. 272pp. Hardcover. Cost: Varies with seller

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Creative Strategy In Direct Marketing

Written for creative marketing professionals, this book covers the basics of turning copy and graphics into sales. Also contains useful production information.

McGraw-Hill/Contemporary; 2nd edition. 502 pp. Hardcover.

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Customer Inspired Marketing: Change the Game and Become the Brand They Really Love

A former senior level marketing executive at companies such as Macy’s, Eastman Kodak and Bank of America, author Aubryn Thomas has learned why certain brands generate energized reactions from customers and how these brands remain profitable by out-thinking the competition instead of overspending. In "Customer Inspired Marketing," Thomas has created an 8-step plan for companies to follow in order to create a successful marketing/branding campaign.

AuthorHouse. 148. Paperback.

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Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 3rd Edition

Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 3rd Edition has been completely updated with new information, illustrations and new chapters. Authored and edited by dozens of experts in general management, marketing, sales, data management, business and academia, the Textbook’s methodology has been endorsed by leading companies as a means of achieving both strategic and tactical organizational goals related to sales, marketing, human resources, vendor management, and community relations. A proven strategy to:
  • Increase long-term profitability
  • Maximize customer loyalty and referrals
  • Capture the commitment of dealers, agents and distributors
  • Increase sales and improve customer service
  • Maximize quality, productivity, quality and wellness
  • Foster greater prosperity through a focus on people 
Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, 3rd Edition also provides formal preparation for the Enterprise Engagement Certification program. To order a copy, click here.

Bruce Bolger, Allan Schweyer & Richard Kern . 242 pp. Cost: $36

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Exceeding Customer Expectations

Based on the business practices and history of Enterprise Rent-a-Car, this book focuses on how the company has achieved financial results by creating happy customers, successful business partnerships, and an engaged and motivated workforce. It discusses the relationship between the company's employee satisfaction, retention, and profitability, and shows how Enterprise makes and reinforces those connections.

Currency . 256pp. Hardcover . Cost: $16.47

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From Mind to Market: Reinventing the Retail Supply Chain

Offers a good introduction to the new thinking about market research. It's a handbook of the latest trends, strategies, and techniques of marketing in today's global community. Blackwell illustrates his points with examples from companies that already employ such practices, including Kinko's, The Limited, and Banc One Corporation.

Collins. 272pp. Hardcover. Cost: $20.48

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How to Drive Your Competition Crazy: Creating Disruption for Fun and Profit

How to Drive Your Competition Crazy is for any entrepeneur, small business owner, independent relatiler, not for profit crusader, marketer, or business traveler who is looking to get a competative edge and get ahead of their competition. With real-life examples with companys like Haagen-Dazs and Sears, this book is perfect for any company looking to crush their competitors.

Hyperion Books. 234pp. Hardcover.

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Infinite Asset: Managing Brands to Build New Value

The authors unveil the Brand Portfolio Approach, a strategy that they claim increases the value of brands by exploding them beyond the boundaries of their division or their parent company. Covers brand extensions and repositioning, as well as an organizational design for implementing brand-portfolio management.

Harvard Business School Press. 238pp. Hardcover. Cost: $20.90

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The Anatomy of Buzz: How To Create Word of Mouth Marketing

"The Anatomy of Buzz" explores the most powerful form of marketing: word of mouth. With over 150 interviews from executives, marketing leaders, and major researchers, the author discusses proven techniques for stimulating customer-to-customer selling. This book is indespensible for any company or salesperson looking to market a new product or increase sales on already existing ones.

Doubleday Business. 303pp. Paperback. Cost: $10.85

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The Brand Mindset: Five Essential Strategies for Building Brand Advantage Throughout Your Company

Consultant Knapp shows how the best practitioners, including such household names as Starbucks, Citigroup, Whirlpool, Lexus, and Hallmark, shrewdly develop and maintain their brands in the face of ferocious competition. This book is aimed at managers, not just marketers. Readers can assess and improve their own efforts by adopting Knapp's proven components of the Brand Mindset for brand success.

McGraw-Hill. 304pp. Hardcover. Cost: $24.95

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The Future of Brands: 25 Visions

A group of 25 worldwide opinion-makers, from CEOs to athletes, comment on the concept and future of brands.

New York University Press. 208pp. Hardcover. Cost: $55.00

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The Handbook of Brand Management

A managerial perspective on how to build and maintain a viable brand identity and a competitive branding strategy. The handbook draws heavily on the use of case studies, including such brands as Marlboro, Perrier, and Pizza Hut. For comprehensive business collections.

Basic Books. 288pp. Hardcover. Cost: $37.50

Sorry, no results matched your search.

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