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Based on the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s commitment to providing organizations with a clear framework for the implementation of return-on-investment based engagement strategies, we make all of our information available for free. 

You can access individual chapters of Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap as well as the complete version of the new ebook The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards online for free.

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1. The Art and Science of Engaging Rewards

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2. Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap

You can access individual chapters of the complete textbook. 

Part I – Introduction to Engagement

An Introduction to Enterprise Engagement

Chapter 1             Principles of Enterprise Engagement

Chapter 2             Economics of Enterprise Engagement

Chapter 3             Culture and the Enterprise Brand

Chapter 4             Breaking Down Organizational Silos

Chapter 5             Case Study: Hampton Hotels


Part II - Audiences of Engagement

Intro: The Audience Challenge

Chapter 6             Customer Engagement

Chapter 7             Channel Partner Engagement

Chapter 8             Employee Engagement

Chapter 9             Volunteer & Community Engagement

Chapter 10           Vendor Engagement

Chapter 11           The Employee/Customer Link

Chapter 12           Case Study: American Airlines


Part III - Tools of Engagement

Intro: Tools and Tactics

Chapter 13           Employee Assessment

Chapter 14           Communication

Chapter 15           Preference Management

Chapter 16           Content Marketing

Chapter 17           Learning and Training

Chapter 18           Gamification

Chapter 19           Collaboration and Innovation

Chapter 20           Rewards & Recognition

Chapter 21           Loyalty

Chapter 22           Social Recognition

Chapter 23           Wellness

Chapter 24           Meetings and Motivational Events

Chapter 25           The Role of Travel in Engagement

Chapter 26           Designing an Engaging Environment

Chapter 27           Trade Shows & Conferences

Chapter 28           Engagement Technology

Chapter 29           Measuring Enterprise Engagement

Chapter 30           Big Data and Analytics

Chapter 31           Case Study: UnitedHealth Group


Part IV - Applications of Engagement

Intro: The Enterprise Engagement Framework

Chapter 32           Keys to Implementation

Chapter 33           Budgeting and ROI

Chapter 34           Engagement Careers

Chapter 35           Engagement and Nonprofits

Chapter 36           Implications for Government

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