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Sunovion Training Exec: Treat Your Salespeople Like Volunteers

Published: Feb 28, 2023

Veteran sales training executive Richard (Rick) Beers turns a lot of traditional thinking about sales training on its head through a strategic, systematic, and measurable approach. His program is designed to increase learning retention by creating a positive training environment, leveraging the strengths of newly hired sales professionals, and delivering a strong training curriculum.... [ read more ]

Pioneer Stakeholder Capitalist Jurist: Businesses Should Stay Out of Politics

Published: Dec 18, 2022

In this recent Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube video update on Stakeholder Capitalism, Leo E. Strine Jr., former Delaware Supreme Court justice, and an early advocate for the Public Benefits Corporation statutes, with Larry Beeferman, Fellow on Work Life and Labor for the Harvard Law School, refute the notion that Stakeholder Capitalism has anything to do with politics. ... [ read more ]

New EU ESG Rules Likely to Affect Many US Companies

Published: Dec 12, 2022

New Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) reporting requirements in the European Union (EU) will have a significant effect on nonfinancial reporting, even for US companies, according to this recent report in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance. They will require tens of thousands if not one million or more worldwide to disclose, among other statistics, their employee turnover rates.... [ read more ]

Alex Mead, CX Executive Leader, on Why Customer Service Is so Bad

Published: Jul 8, 2021

Despite all the talk about innovation in CX (Customer Experience), most observers say that customer service, in the US at least, is as bad as quality manufacturing was in the 1980s, before ISO 9000 quality standards and the concept of Total Quality Management took hold. Today, while quality in US manufacturing has steadily improved, the American Customer Service Index remains mired in the low 70% range.... [ read more ]

Transcend Engagement at the Convergence of Technology and Strategy

Published: May 4, 2021

When Dr. Bob Randall founded Transcend Engagement over five years ago, he saw an opportunity to disrupt the employee engagement field by creating a platform and methodology to demonstrate a bottom-line impact. Today, he sees more interest in strategy and analytics than ever and has added a full suite of advisory services to provide clients a complete, measurable employee engagement solution. ... [ read more ]

Stay Metrics—At the Front Lines of Turnover

Published: Feb 9, 2021

As a retention advisory firm serving the trucking industry, Stay Metrics has faced almost any retention and recruiting challenge imaginable. A highly cyclical business, with recurring shortages and gluts of drivers, the trucking industry faces long-term demographic challenges that, along with a new generation of management, is opening the doors for a more strategic and systematic approach to managing retention and recruitment across all demographic groups. ... [ read more ]

One10 Marketing: The Power of the Pivot in the Time of Covid-19

Published: Nov 12, 2020

One10 Marketing, a top-10 full-service performance improvement company, faced the pandemic by finding new ways to serve customers and leverage its people and expertise, says Richelle Taylor, Vice President Strategic Marketing. It is helping companies rapidly shift to new ways to engage, from moving travel incentives and meetings to merchandise and other rewards and virtual events; connecting to the hearts and minds of employees through enterprise engagement technology and effective communications and training, and by helping clients benefit from analytics to make better decisions.... [ read more ]

HR Exec Makes Unusual Leap to M&A Human Capital Advisory

Published: May 13, 2020

Laura Queen rose through the ranks of human resources at multiple companies for more than 20 years. She made the decision to use her expertise to assist mid-cap private equity, venture capital and strategic buyers in mitigating risks by better evaluating the human capital aspect of potential acquisitions. ... [ read more ]

Sales Tech CEO: It's Time to Change the Game

Published: May 2, 2020

Gary Rhoads, Co-Founder of, a SaaS-based software to support effective one-on-one sales management, believes that the current crisis could cause a permanent change in the way organizations engage their people and sell. ... [ read more ]

Dr. Paul White Has Simple Prescription for Better Cultures: Appreciation at Work

Published: Feb 25, 2020

According to Dr. Paul White, co-author of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, managers can start improving culture in their own departments even without the support of the CEO by addressing every human’s innate desire to feel appreciated. His research and process call into question the validity of many if not most recognition, incentive, and loyalty programs but provide simple and useful ways to significantly improve them. ... [ read more ]

Marketing Innovators CEO: It’s Time to Use the Research

Published: Dec 15, 2019

Richard Blabolil, a 20-year veteran of the incentive business, and CEO of 41-year-old Marketing Innovators, Rosemont, Ill., sees a new focus on program design and measurement that has the potential to upend the 120-year-old incentive industry. ... [ read more ]

Chester Elton Sees Signs of Progress in His Quest for Culture

Published: Oct 2, 2019

Probably no one has done more for the cause of culture and workplace experience than Chester Elton, who since the last century has crisscrossed the globe, spoken regularly on national radio, and written multiple influential books on recognition and culture, starting with his best-selling "The Carrot Principle" up to his latest with co-author Adrian Gostic, “All In”. Their new book, "Leading With Gratitude,"” comes out in March. ... [ read more ]

E2E Group Aims for Leadership Role in Human Capital Management

Published: Sep 25, 2019

In its quest to provide clients a lifetime career management solution, E2E Group has the potential to transform the traditional recognition field from focusing primarily on rewards and technology to providing full-service human capital management solutions. ... [ read more ]

Colleen Wegman: Winner of the ISO 10018 Honorary CEO Citation for Quality People Management

Published: Mar 26, 2019

This profile of Colleen Wegman, the CEO of Wegmans, the 37th-largest supermarket chain in the U.S., continues ESM's new Quality People Management CEO series honoring chief executives at organizations that base their success on a strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders - customers, distribution partners, sales and nonsales employees, vendors and communities. ... [ read more ]

Bill McDermott, SAP, Winner of the ISO 10018 Honorary CEO Citation for Quality People Management

Published: Mar 20, 2019

This profile of Bill McDermott, the American CEO of SAP, Europe's largest software company, continues ESM's new Quality People Management CEO series honoring chief executives at organizations that base their success on a strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders - customers, distribution partners, sales and nonsales employees, vendors and communities. ... [ read more ]

Q & A with Dr. Ron McKinley: Why and How to Achieve ISO 10018 Certification for Employers and Solution Providers

Published: Feb 26, 2019

Dr. Ron McKinley, Vice President and Chief Standards Officer for the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, co-founder of the UTMB’s Enterprise Engagement Advisory Practice focusing on the healthcare and hospitality fields, and co-founder of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement (ICEE), recently spoke to ESM, outlining the benefits of the ISO 10018 framework and how to obtain certification... [ read more ]

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