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Consolidating Programs Yields Revenue Increase

Company: Diebold, Inc.

Programs: Merchandise and travel offerings

Program Types: Travel

Program Details: What could be the optimum method for meeting performance-improvement goals? Diebold hired USMotivation to research the issue and develop a plan. USMotivation's answer was D-ICE (Diebold Incentive Central Exchange), a comprehensive incentive management system designed to motivate every company employee. With D-ICE, the company could simultaneously run a multitude of programs targeting any employee level. The programs ranged from safety, suggestions, and attendance to outstanding account collection and sales. The centrally administered, Intranet-enabled system was based on a redeemable point reward system. An online catalog provided qualifiers with more than 3,000 reward options, including Diebold logo products, travel, computers, golf clubs, and jewelry.

Objective: With departments and divisions running independent promotional programs, no one at Diebold, Inc., knew the full scope of the activities, the target audiences, or the results. Winners spent cash incentives on everyday necessities, so there was little memory retention or trophy value to benefit Diebold.

Supplier: USMotivation (Atlanta, GA)

Results: Programs could now be developed quickly and inexpensively. Any manager could announce a program, detail the requirements and rewards, use promotional materials, and award points for success. Award redemption was accomplished through an online Intranet site. D-ICE encouraged employees to bank their points to achieve larger rewards. The points do not expire. The system proved especially effective for short-term incentive programs with average award levels of $15, because they could not otherwise be implemented effectively. The system produced the following results: A $4 million increase in net income for the second quarter, $16 million in revenue, a product gross margin increase of 42.9%, and growth of 51% in revenue from software and professional services.


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