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$1-Million Sweepstakes Builds Shaw's Sales

Company: Shaw Industries

Programs: Cash and Merchandise

Program Types: Sales

Program Details: Shaw Industries stimulated excitement about its floor covering products among 30,000 independent retail sales representatives located in 10,000 showrooms through its "Win Shaw's Money $1,000,000 Sweepstakes." Upon registration, retail sales representatives received a launch kit containing a full-color brochure, official rules, and assorted forms and information. A full-page ad detailing key information appeared in Floor Covering Weekly, a trade magazine.

Objective: The program was designed to increase sales of certain styles and build excitement around the company's participation in Surfaces, an international floor covering show. The theme was built around the hype and excitement of big lottery payouts.

Supplier: Target Group

Results: The stage at the Surfaces convention, where the drawing was held, displayed larger-than-life images of merchandise being awarded. Five winners received a Sony Home Theater System. In a random drawing, the $1-million grand prize was split between a retail salesperson and the owner of a floor covering store. After the names were drawn, the vice president of Shaw Industries called the winners from a suite in Las Vegas. Shaw then sent its corporate jet to pick up the winners and their families for an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for three days.

Award Date: 2006


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