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From Contact to Contract

From Contact to Contract gives you easy to apply information on the world of sales. With 496 sales tips to do such things as generate more leads, close more deals, and exceed your goals, which will ultimely make you more money, this book is perfect for any salesperson.... [ read more ]

The Power of Full Engagement

In this groundbreaking book, co-author Jim Loehr, Ed.D., co-founder of the Human Performance Institute, demonstrates how managing energy, not time, is the key to enduring high performance as well as to health, happiness, and life balance. At the heart of the program is the Corporate Athlete® Training System. It offers a a highly practical, scientifically based approach to managing your energy more skillfully, both on and off the job.... [ read more ]

Mental Agility: The Path to Persuasion

Mental Agility: The Path to Persuasion is a guide for any salesperson who wants to learn how to think quickly on their feet. It has an easy to follow system that teached you how to walk into any situation cold and establish a relationship based on trust and confidence. ... [ read more ]

Managing to Have Fun

Takes a lighter approach to management that includes using toys, games, and contests to motivate employees.The keystone of this approach for businesses interested in team building for increased profitability is "fun in the workplace."... [ read more ]

Customer Inspired Marketing: Change the Game and Become the Brand They Really Love

A former senior level marketing executive at companies such as Macy’s, Eastman Kodak and Bank of America, author Aubryn Thomas has learned why certain brands generate energized reactions from customers and how these brands remain profitable by out-thinking the competition instead of overspending. In "Customer Inspired Marketing," Thomas has created an 8-step plan for companies to follow in order to create a successful marketing/branding campaign. ... [ read more ]

Best Practices : Building Your Business with Customer-Focused Solutions

Best Practices shares how more than forty best-practices companies focus on their customers, create growth, reduce cost, and increase profts. It focuses on customers and how to involve them in everything from the design of products and services to marketing, selling, and product delivery. This book is good for managers in any business, in any industry.... [ read more ]

The Infinite Asset: Managing Brands to Build New Value

"The Infinite Asset" unveils a strategy called the "Brand Portfolio Approach" that exponentially increases the value of brands by exploding them beyond the boundaries of their division and even their parent company. With how-to models, this book is a great guide to leverageing every company's infinite asset for lasting competitive advantage.... [ read more ]

The Spin Selling Fieldbook

Reports on the biggest research project ever carried out on the topic of selling. Based on 5,000 sales calls, the 12-year study assesses the skills successful salespeople need, and discusses what sales managers should look for when they accompany their salespeople on calls. Shows you how to put into practice the proven tools and techniques outlined in Neil Rackham's national bestseller "SPIN Selling", which revolutionized high-end selling.... [ read more ]

Grow to Be Great: Breaking the Downsizing Cycle

Describes successful strategies to produce profitable growth in the tough business environment of the 1990s. Drawing upon their new study of more than 1,000 large companies, Gertz and Baptista argue that managers must move beyond the current wave of downsizing, restructuring, and reengineering. Using these case studies, the authors analyze successful high-growth firms such as Starbucks, Staples, USAA. ... [ read more ]

Sales Force Automation: Using the Latest Technology to Make Your Sales Force More Competitive

Offers practical advice for getting started and using the right system for your company in addition to detailing the specific benefits of automation. Many real-life examples are used to demonstrate the strategies. Shows how sales pros can use computers to gain more selling time, reduce costs, minimize paperwork, assure service continuity, improve presentations, and integrate sales data into corporate information systems.... [ read more ]

Uncommon Wisdom: Live a Joyful Life with Financial Success

"Uncommon Wisdom" is a collection of lessons that provide motivation and give you the courage to stop stressing, take stock of what is happening in your life, and act on what you have learned. Author Feltenstein also gives you insight into how to make the most of your business life. ... [ read more ]

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