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Corporate Philanthropy at the Crossroads

Corporate Philanthropy at the Crossroads explores current practices, trends, and issues for corporate philanthropy and frames a productive research agenda based on the needs of practitioners. It is a useful reference for fundraisers and a great for academics.... [ read more ]

How to Get the Most out of Trade Shows

A handy source for trade show participants. Miller teaches you how to maximize your exhibit's effectiveness. He covers every aspect of exhibiting, from equipment to attendees' body language.... [ read more ]

Interactive Marketing: The Future Present

Interactive Marketing discusses practical advice about how to deveop strategies for the new interactive media and how to put those strategies to work in profitable marketing programs. It shows you how to maximize the marketing potential of the new interactive technologies while avoiding the porblems that some marketers have experienced.... [ read more ]

Over 66 Tips & Tricks to Supercharge Your Trade Show Promotion

Stresses the importance of standing out at the show and tells how to make it happen through promotions and a well-designed exhibit. An easy-to-read, information-packed book, that will teach you everything you need to know to ensure a successful show before you go. This book takes you through the process, from clearly defining your targeted attendee based on your objectives, to how to come up with innovative promotional ideas, examples of successful promotions, and much more.... [ read more ]

Guerrilla Trade Show Selling

Explains guerrilla sales and marketing techniques in the high-pressure trade show environment. It's full of tips of all kinds, a good reference guide for anyone interested in new marketing ideas. Discusses unconventional weapons and tactics to meet more people, get more leads, and close more sales.... [ read more ]

The Power of Exhibit Marketing

Contains a slew of tips and suggestions to make your trade show booth as powerful as possible. It is a must for experienced exhibitors who wish to find new and creative advice and ideas on how to continue improving their success at the fairground. ... [ read more ]

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't

Good to Great discusses the findings of the Good to Great study that studied what made a company go from good to great. This is the study of several companies and conclusions are made based on case studies and research. This book is good for any entrepreneur or person in a leadership position.... [ read more ]

Winning at New Products

Provides up-to-date, step-by-step guidelines for conceiving, developing, and successfully launching new consumer products. Cooper demonstrates with compelling evidence why consistent product development is so vital to corporate growth and maximizing success.... [ read more ]

The PDMA Handbook of New Product Development

This offering from the Product Development & Management Association includes contributions from leading product development professionals presenting all bundle of information needed for effective product development, from creation of concept through development and design to final production, marketing, and service. Discusses fundamental concepts including identifying customer needs, using multifunctional teams, and having an appropriate development procedure, as well as issues such as process ownership, pipeline management, metrics, and product architecture.... [ read more ]

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them at Your Own Risk!

Summarizes what these two renowned marketing consultants have learned in 40+ years about what makes a few companies hugely successful and most others failures. The premise behind this book is that in order for marketing strategies to work, they must be in tune with some quintessential force in the marketplace. Hundreds of examples from well-known companies demonstrate the rules of marketing. ... [ read more ]

State of The Art Marketing Research

"State of The Art Marketing Research" is an all-in-one guide for planning, conducting, and applying technology-driven market research. It has step-by-step instructions to plan and develop research studies that help define marketing problems, prepare research plans and proposals, select secondary and primary research methods, and much more. ... [ read more ]

Concurrent Marketing

Addresses the integration of product, sales, and service, with a new focus on downstream marketing practices. Good treatment of product management. Concurrent Marketing questions much current management thinking in identifying ways that competitive firms need to be organized to build these capabilities.... [ read more ]

Here's How: Get the Most out of Sales Meetings (Here's How)

How To Get the Most Out of Sales Meetings discusses the best strategies for planning meetings to coach salespeople. This book includes a guide to help your meetings motivate your salespeople to build product and customer knowledge, sharpen listening and communication skills, and much more. ... [ read more ]

Creating Demand

An analysis of what it takes to exploit the market potential of a product. The original hardcover edition was declared one of the top 30 business books of 1992 by Executive Book Summaries. Now, it's been updated for the 21st century and available in paperback.... [ read more ]

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