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Power Selling: Seven Strategies for Cracking the Sales Code

Power Selling is a book for both the beginners and corporate sales manages to even entrepeneurs. This book contains practical tools to succeed with helpful online tools as well as explains how to overcome buyer skepticism and suspicion, establish trust that promotes buyer action, transfer setbacks into sales combacks and much more.... [ read more ]

The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools & Strategies for Business Success: In Celebration of Collaboration

Every year numerous business books and magazine articles are written about collaboration in the workplace. It’s hard not to be in favor of collaboration, but why do some organizations do it so well and other fail at it? Is it the company culture that makes a difference or perhaps the skills of those who endeavor to collaborate? Could it be the tools used to collaborate? Take a moment and make a list of the tools that your organization currently uses to foster collaboration among coworkers. It’s a bit challenging for many businesses because collaboration is viewed as a pathway to a result rather than a result itself. Many people think of collaboration in terms of a process to be managed rather than a set of tools to be engaged. Thus, you might say that brainstorming sessions, conference calls and company strategy retreats are among your current methods of collaboration. You might even argue that the telephone and the office copy machine facilitate collaboration. Indeed, these may be effective methods for your company, and they may lead to desirable results, but what if the process of collaboration itself became a highly valued product? Is it possible or even advisable to get your customers and prospective customers to engage in some form of collaboration that will benefit your company? The answer is yes, but the concept can be a bit counterintuitive. After all, imagine what kinds of things your customers could say about you if you were to enable that conversation through one or more social media tools that allow them to interact with and influence one another. Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. Ask yourself this, however: Do you gain more by sponsoring or at least endorsing this kind of conversation than you do by running from it? Excerpted from The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools & Strategies for Business Success, by Lon Safko and David K. Brake. John Wiley & Sons. 2009. ... [ read more ]

ROI Selling: Increasing Revenue, Profit, and Customer Loyalty Through the 360 Sales Cycle

ROI Selling discusses the three true returns on investment and how to apply them to any sales initiative: an increase in revenue, a reduction in cost, and an avoidance of cost. This book has a step-by-step process for colletcting and organizing vital information that can be used to build your own ROI model, how to incorporate a 360 Degree Roi Selling into any sales preceses and much more.... [ read more ]

Engagement: Winning the Battle for Customer and Employee Hearts and Minds: The Spillover Effect

Measuring the success of a business is not as simple as saying: ‘happy employees equal happy customers.’ Happy employees can also be lazy employees. A person taking tickets at a movie theater may be happy, but it may be because he or she gets to sit around on a comfortable chair while drinking free soft drinks and eating free popcorn. Many people might be happy if their employers paid them for what is merely time spent drinking soda, eating popcorn and collecting ticket stubs. For the above saying to be true, companies should be looking at levels of engagement as the measuring stick. We know that emotionally engaged employees feel like they are doing something valuable for their organizations and that their efforts will make a difference. Customers know when they are talking to emotionally engaged employees. The positive feelings that the employees have about their jobs and employers influence the level of service they give to customers. When these positive experiences continue to happen, then customers become engaged, and they become advocates for the company’s products and services. While movie theaters may be an easy target when it comes to pointing out the signs of disengaged employees, it’s certainly not exclusive to this business. Employees across all industries have a major impact on customer loyalty and engagement. The mantra of ‘happy employees equal happy customers’ is real, and companies should seek emotionally engaged employees because it will be these employees who help create emotionally engaged customers. This is the spillover effect. ... [ read more ]

Internet Commerce

This book covers "digital cash" technology and how it will change the way companies will do business online.... [ read more ]

Net Worth: Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules

Net Worth deals with the idea that Buyers are losing their patience and trust in sellers. By playing with the relationship between buisnesses and their customers, Hagel and Singer suggest readers to challenge their fundamental beliefs about marketing, brands, and value. ... [ read more ]

Brandscendence: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands

Brandscendence explores what makes certain brands prevail over others. According to author, Clark, there are three elements that are essential for brand endurence: revelence, context, and mutual benefit.Clark also outlines his formula for branding success and illustrates how it's applied by the world's most prominent brands. ... [ read more ]

Beyond the Brand: Why Engaging the Right Customers is Essential to Winning in Business

Beyond the Brand provides an in depth look at the importance of certain customers in the marketplace. With case studies and practical step-by-step methods, readers learn how to engage customers in a dialog that can fuel real product and marketing innovation. Readers will learn how to develop a bottom-up strategy, hone intuition and find inspiration to drive innovation, find your company's center of gravity, and identify and find new ways to listen to the key voices in your marketplace.... [ read more ]

Business to Business Direct Marketing Handbook

Complete volume that covers all the aspects of business to business direct marketing, from the fundamental and time-tested methods to the most modern techniques. The author offers detailed and practical advice companies of all sizes.... [ read more ]

Selling to the Affluent

"Selling to the Affluent" shows how to sell to those who will benefit you most. From Dr. Stanley's methods, you will learn to improve your closing percentage and income. Using actual case studies and dialogues, Dr. Stanley will teach you how to land affluent prospects and encourage wealthy clients to make repeat buys.... [ read more ]

Activity-Based Management: A Comprehensive Implementation Gude

Activity-Based Management shows how to transform an organization from a traditional hierarchical structure to one that is activity-based. This hands-on resource provides guidance on the planning, organizational, and implementation phases of a total activity-based program, which has proved successful at companies like AT&T.... [ read more ]

Sales Automation: Concepts, Justification, Planning, and Implementation

Sales Automation is guide to the implementation of automated technology-based systems for any company selling a product. It shows sales, marketing, and information systems executives how to use technology to increase the effectiveness of their sales and marketing personnel as well as increasing their profits.... [ read more ]

The Art of Closing Any Deal : How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do

"The Art of Closing Any Deal" gives salespeople specific, on-target advice to become "master closers". It outlines ways to identify customer types, control and conquer buyers, and make the "opponenet" feel like he's coming out the winner. With twenty deadly closing tips that will make people buy, this book is helpful for beginners and veterans, alike.... [ read more ]

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