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BMW Financial Services "10 Series"

The BMW Financial Services “10 Series” Dealer Distributor Incentive & Sales Incentive Program was launched January 1, 2006. All members of the sales force received a sleek, four-color envelope containing a welcome letter, registration form and program information. Additional registration forms were emailed weekly to new potential participants along with links to the program Web page.

Once registered, program participants wishing to access the program web page needed to login and identify their profile by zone, business type and whether their vehicles were new or second-hand. Upon their doing so, the system customized and personalized web content allowing access only to the individual’s personal program information - things such as rules, deadlines, travel and product information, etc. An individual’s ranking/results are listed along with any travel for which they may qualify or how close they are to earning enough helix points (points named after the BMW logo) for any catalog item they may have selected. Program participants can redeem helix points or register for travel awards directly through the web page.

The program included four different sets of mechanics, based on participant profiles. Sales Managers and Sales Representatives for new and/or second-hand vehicles had the opportunity to earn 1 to 2 helix points for every 6,000 euros financed. The number of points earned was based on the level assigned to the transaction. The Alphabet Fleet Services Contest was geared towards BMW and/or Mini Dealers. Sales Managers and Sales Representatives are offered the opportunity to earn 1 helix point for every 10,000 euros financed in Corporate Leases. In order to earn helix points, Sales Managers and Sales Representatives were required to register for the program and their helix points could be exchanged for over 350 different products from the program catalog. The catalog offered items such as Sony Camcorders, Hamilton watches and many more products varied enough to suit every participant’s needs.

Sales Managers, Second-Hand Vehicles Managers, and Directors/Dealers could register to participate in ranking contests based on volume, penetration, and other quantitative and qualitative performance aspects. Dealers/General Managers and Second-Hand Vehicles Managers wishing to compete for incentive travel participated in a competition which gauged the dealer’s penetration (financed/sold ratio) and its investment (total volume contribution to BMW Financial Services). Ranking contests offered qualifying staff the opportunity to earn fantastic travel rewards to exotic countries based on their individual sales targets. Special travel opportunities apart from those being awarded as prizes were periodically listed and participants were able to register for these trips online. Travel premiums included an adventure trip to the Granada desert for the first 20 qualifiers of the Alphabet 2006 contest, a trip to Bali for top sellers, as well as trips to Marrakech, South Africa, and Cambodia.

In addition to keeping program participants engaged in and informed about their sales contests, the Web page also provided valuable sales tools to help them reach their sales goals. BMW’s online sales tools were made accessible through a link on the page. Other links included information about the various financial products available, maintenance packages, and financing options. Also included were links to financial and special company initiatives as well as information about tariffs and archived articles. These tools - along with the program components of the web page - offered program participants a one-stop shop for sales success.


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