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HCMoneyball Introduces DEI Audit Report

A human capital analytics firm offers a Diversity Equity Inclusion report based on an organization's EEO-1 and financial data.
Using its human capital reporting technology, HCMoneyball provides organizations a rapid means of assessing their DEI outcomes.
According to the company, the audit report includes:
  • Competitive benchmarking of an organization's performance against other organizations in its NAICS (SIC) code
  • A calculation of and trend information on its Simpson Diversity Index
  • A one-page executive summary of its overall performance and notable trends
To generate a report, the system requires two successive years of already existing EEO-1 reports, which are used to perform an analysis of financial and human capital data on race, ethnicity, and gender in US-based populations. No interviews or surveys are required because organizational practices are not analyzed. The report provides comprehensive diversity performance information in conformance with ISO 30414:2018 human resource management guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting.
Click here for a two-page brochure. For more information on the company, see ESM: Is Your CEO Driving With One Eye on the Road. Click here for a Human Capital Return on Investment Calculator the company provides free of charge. 
HCMoneyball is a data analytics provider focused exclusively on human capital performance. It is a recognized value provider to The Conference Board and a member of the Human Capital Impact Group – experts in the ISO-30414:2018 standard. 
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