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Baudville Brands, C.A. Short and Divvy Engagement Become Engagement Agency Partners

Baudville Brands, a leading recognition firm in Grand Rapids, MI, C.A. Short Company, an innovator in employee engagement based on Shelby, NC, and Divvy Engagement Solutions, the new name for a 25-year-old, full-service incentive company based in Pleasant Valley, NY, have become partners in the growing Engagement Agency network of engagement solution providers. 
The Engagement Agency is a cooperative effort of engagement solution providers known as “partners” working together to bring the latest engagement resources to their clients. The Engagement Agency is supporting a growing network of expert solution providers trained to help businesses, not-for-profits and government institutions achieve strategic and tactical objectives through formal engagement strategies.
Because the field of engagement is so new and requires the alignment of multiple types of engagement tactics, many companies and solution providers aren’t aware of all of the solutions or opportunities for assistance in the field. The Engagement Agency is designed to connect companies that need engagement solutions with the right solution for their needs and to support solution providers seeking to profit from this emerging field. 
“With the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) working on the development of employee engagement standards that eventually could become required as part of ISO 9001 and other widely adopted standards, and increasing numbers of pension funds requiring human capital and employee engagement disclosures, the demand will increase for solution providers who can provide effectively designed programs to address the engagement levers necessary to achieve organizational goals in a measurable way,” explains Bruce Bolger, Founder of The Engagement Agency. 
Engagement Agency partners consist of a growing number of specialists in all areas of engagement, including full-service agencies as well as specialists in coaching and learning, survey and assessment, communications, learning, innovation and collaboration, gamification, technology, analytics and other engagement solutions, dedicated to bringing formal engagement solutions to their clients. 
Members of these organizations are trained in the framework and implementation process of engagement and supported, when desired, by a national team of experts selected specifically based on client needs and resources. The Engagement Agency utilizes the Enterprise Engagement framework and implementation process developed by the not-for-profit Enterprise Engagement Alliance at
Engagement Agency partners receive, as needed, advanced training, business development, consulting and other support services specifically related to their needs and those of their clients, including help for Engagement Agency partners seeking mergers or acquisitions. "As more companies seek to integrate engagement solutions, more large solution providers will seek to purchase companies that specialize in different areas of engagement, as is already occuring. The ultimate goal of the Engagement Agency is to help organizations seeking to profit from engagement align, to the best extent possible, all of the strategic and tactical tools needed to engage people to achieve measurable results, whether those organizations be companies, not-for-profits, government agencies, or the engagement solution providers who can help them,” says Bolger. "This evolution is very similar to what occurred in the marketing world over the last 30 years. Marketing used to be a very siloed field but has become highly integrated today. The result is not only more effective results for business but the emergence of a significant number of highly integrated marketing companies, some publicly held, that through acquisitions created a full suite of services. We believe this process is already underway in the engagement space."
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