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5th Annual Customer Experience & Retention Conference

Learn and share insights with more than 18 Customer Experience, Care, Advocacy and Loyalty Leaders on the latest developments in the design of strategies and methodologies being deployed to determine the proper key performance indicators for customer satisfaction. Cost is $2,969.80, but you can save 10% by emailing and mentioning the Enterprise Engagement Alliance.


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AHAA Semi-Annual Conference

2010 Dates TBD

Sponsored by AHAA, the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, this event is meant to raise awareness of opportunities in the Hispanic market and to strengthen the professionalism of the industry. It offers a useful way to collect data about the Hispanic market through presentations and research workshops, as well as to network with other businesses in the market.

Phone: 703) 610-9014

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Annual Conference for Catalog & Multichannel Merchants (ACCM)

May 24-26, 2010

Catalog industry statistics are presented at the catalog industry's largest conference and exhibition. Offers more than 100 educational sessions and 300 exhibitors. Includes sessions on marketing strategies, merchandising, and Web and email marketing. Also included are the MCM (Multichannel Merchant) Awards, which honor the most effective multichannel merchants.

Phone: 203-358-3703

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Basics of Direct Marketing

2010 Dates - TBD

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Basics of Direct Marketing seminar will introduce marketers to all key issues of direct marketing, enabling them to develop skills and gain more knowledge about such vital topics as offers, creative, copywriting and research/testing. It will also provide tools and techniques, help nurture ideas, and teach the essientals of direct marketing.

Phone: 212-768-7277

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BMA 2010 Annual Conference

The Business Marketing Association's 2010 Annual Conference will be themed "Engage!" and focus on innovative ways that corporate marketers are engaging employees, channel partners, customers and other demand drivers to improve customer experience and to generate rapid and profitable sales and brand growth in an improving economy.

Phone: 630-544-5054

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DMA Direct Marketing Institute

NY: April 6, NY: June 22, 2010

The Direct Marketing Association's Direct Marketing Institute is an in-depth course for beginners and a great refresher for experienced DM professionals wanting to sharpen skills, expand their expertise, and update their knowledge. This seminar can be applied to DMA's Certificate in Direct Marketing.

Phone: 212.790.1500

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IEG Sponsorship Conference

March 21-24, 2010

A key show in event marketing that attracts a diverse group of participants. Speakers are sponsorship industry leaders and marketing executives from major corporations. Educational sessions cater to the needs of the most inexperienced and the most advanced attendees.

Phone: 800-834-4850 or 312-944-1727
Website: Click Here...

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Licensing International Expo

June 8-10, 2010

Licensed products have a major role in premium programs. This show, sponsored by the International Licensing Industry Merchandiser's Association (LIMA), is the major event for the licensing industry, with exhibits and an education program covering all aspects of the industry.

Phone: (888) 644-2022; (218) 723-9130; or (212) 951-6731

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Loyalty Expo 2010

Loyalty Expo will include more interactive sessions and peer group discussion as hundreds of professionals will gather to learn best practices in customer, client, and employee cultivation, including reducing attrition, improving profitability and navigating through challenging economic times.

Phone: 513-545-5612

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Marcus Evans Strategic Recruiting & Employer Branding Canada - <i>March 20-21, 2012 - Toronto </i>

March 20-21, 2012

The Strategic Recruiting and Employer Branding conference will enable employers to re-purpose and re-focus recruiting efforts by advancing processes to adapt to evolving challenges within the current recruitment market. This conference will demonstrate how to align a truly integrated Strategic Recruitment Strategy to the multiple business units across the organization while building on internal bench strengths, the employer brand and successfully capturing valuable talent within national and global markets. For additional information please email or visit


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Multicultural Marketing Summit

Business executives from across the nation will gather for the 7th Annual Multicultural Marketing Summit in order to gain firsthand knowledge of how Hispanics, African Americans, and Asian Americans contribute to the increasingly diverse richness of the population. During the three-day conference, presenters will provide knowledge and insights on groundbreaking research, professional experiences, and techniques specific to ethnic marketing, media and distribution.

Phone: 1-888-309-2005

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PMA Annual Integrated Marketing Conference

March 23-24, 2010

Hosted by the Promotion Marketing Association, Inc. (PMA) this event covers all aspects of integrated marketing and is a must for anybody trying to get to know the field. Brands from all over the world attend and provide their own unique feedback. Provides a means of networking with peers and learning new and innovative strategies from leading companies.

Phone: (212) 420-1100

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PMA Basics Of Promotion Marketing Workshop

Chicago: May 12-13, 2010; NY: June 9-10, 2010.

Basics is the internationally acclaimed two-day seminar designed to develop your skills in all aspects of promotion marketing, including promotion strategy, law and all tactical elements of promotion. Marketing professionals who are beginning a career in promotion or integrated marketing, switching careers to promotion or integrated marketing, and are ready for more responsibility, bigger challenges and greater achievement in all aspects of promotion marketing should defiantly attend this seminar.

Phone: 212-420-1100 Ext. 237

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PPAI Expo 2010

Annual promotional products conference and expo will feature a new component focusing on promotional equipment. The theme that the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) has planned for PPAI Expo 2010 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, January 11-15, is “Find Your [X] Factor.” And one of the X factors for the show itself is a show within a show. PPAI will launch DECORATE: A Promotional Equipment Show at this year’s Expo. For the first time in PPAI show history, design equipment (screen printing, embroidery and digital machinery) will be allowed on the show floor as part of a new promotional equipment showcase, DECORATE. “As a new component of The PPAI Expo 2010, DECORATE is a show within a show, bringing the best in screen printing, embroidery and digital technology directly to the show floor,” said Darel Cook, PPAI director of expositions. “DECORATE promises to deliver incredible potential and incredible possibility for suppliers and distributors alike.” To register for the PPAI Expo 2010 online, visit For more information about PPAI or promotional products in general, visit the PPAI website at


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