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Subaru Club Card Increases Sales By 10 Percent

The STI Club Card Program was direct and simple. When customers purchased a 2006 or 2007 model year Subaru Impreza WRX STI, they were eligible to receive a prepaid reward card valued at $2,500 that could be used for accessories, service, extended warranty, Subaru apparel and merchandise at any participating Canadian Subaru dealer.
The program was announced and promoted through direct mail and online campaigns that utilized the Subaru Web site, key word searches, Yahoo banner ads, and where ads were placed within the Impreza STI forum.
Current Impreza owners were invited to their “home” dealership to test drive the Impreza STI and receive the STI Club Card with purchase. Consumers were encouraged to visit a customized web site for program details.
To create immediate excitement around the offer, the direct mail piece, sent to 4,300 past owners of Impreza vehicles, models five years or older, was actually encased in a brown paper bag. This unique “envelope” was banded with directions to “Inhale, and Exhale” as the recipient opened the bag and found information about the attributes of the flagship Impreza model and the STI Club Card offer. The bag also contained a “tongue-in-cheek” instruction card on how to utilize the bag in case of hyperventilation.
The piece resonated with consumers and dealers alike, who used the bag to start conversations with prospective buyers who visited their showrooms.
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