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Toyota Sales Society Boosts Sales and Service Quality

Achievement of Status Levels within the Toyota Sales Society is based on twelve months of performance. Every participant who achieves his customized Annual KPI Targets is recognized and rewarded – guaranteed.
In fact, the more an individual exceeds his or her goals, scaled to reflect their Status Level, the greater the reward – encouraging stretch beyond base Performance Targets. Status Levels are Member, Leader, Gold Leader and the best-of-the-best, Gold Executive Mentor.
Throughout the year, participants also have the opportunity to earn rewards for tactical challenges to keep interest in the program high and address seasonal market challenges and opportunities.
Over the full year, participants are measured on a combination of financial and behavioral KPIs specific to their dealership role.
Quality is paramount; if a participant achieves the Financial Target but misses a Behavioral Target, they will not earn an award. Participants are assessed monthly for Customer Satisfaction Index Targets, measured by survey responses from sales and aftermarket customers. Training Targets are evaluated with successful completion of online eLearning quizzes and face-to-face training sessions. Customized Financial KPI Targets include New Vehicle Volume Sales Targets and After Sales Targets – integral to the “lifetime value of customers.”
The 2007 communications platform reinforced all of the program’s goals. Participants received a Launch Pack that included a personalized letter detailing individual KPI Targets and the recognition and reward opportunities, a “call-to-action” to review the e-brochure on the program Web site, and a desk calendar highlighting performance objectives and key events. Participants also received monthly eStatements and a quarterly print report highlighting their personal year-to-date Performance Results and Gap-To-Target status. Training eLearning quizzes relevant to each role and urgent initiatives were announced via email and text message. A bespoke Sales Society web site was updated with weekly financial results and monthly behavioral results.
Participants who reached their goals were recognized and rewarded in multiple, high profile ways. Tailored to their Status level, Qualifiers earned “Sales Society” branded business cards, framed certificates and lapel pins. Furthermore, their accomplishments were heralded at a celebratory dinner. The target audience is predominately male (90%), their ages range from 23 to 50 and they come from metropolitan and rural locations. To engage this diverse group, an online lifestyle Retail Gift Card offer - “Choose Your Voucher” - was the primary reward platform.
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