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Windows to the World – Tierra de los Conquistadores (Land of the Conquistadores)

USMotivation teamed up with Diebold to develop and implement the 2001 Master’s Circle program, Tierra de los Conquistadores (Land of the Conquistadors), a destination-based theme that would build on the Windows to the World umbrella theme for the program. Motivating performance with travel to Puerto Rico, a repeat destination for Diebold, required additional creativity and branding to keep the interest and attention of its team throughout the year. Launched in a challenging economic year, it was critical that the Tierra de los Conquistadores theme and goals were communicated effectively and frequently to Diebold’s global audience. Utilizing advanced technology, USMotivation kicked off the campaign with a multimedia package. An interactive CD, a more engaging upgrade from the Master’s program traditional video launch, was sent as part of a mailing, that included an antique map encouraging employees to “chart their courses” to the Master’s Circle. The mailing established a solid identity and included the program rules and video on Puerto Rico and the hotel property. The earth-tone print collateral solidified the 2001 "Conquistador" theme, which incorporated the Master’s Circle logo. USMotivation employed a different shade of brown to suggest “tierra,” or earth, on all pieces and incorporated antique images as well as photographs of Caribbean culture to hint at the historical and tropical experiences that Puerto Rico offers. Multimedia incentive mailings sent to participants’ homes generated excitement and support from the whole family. Diebold’s company intranet played a key role in reinforcing the message during the qualifying period. In addition to serving as a low cost communication vehicle, the intranet featured an interactive registration system that enabled winners to register and access trip details. It also played a critical role as a mid-campaign venue change as 15 top-tier Circle of Excellence winners needed to be communicated and hyped. A special trip for top performers with the initial venue of Vieques was changed to Barbados due to political issues that required a US military presence. The intranet provided participants with vital information on a timely basis, helped ease any concerns of the travelers and highlighted the benefits of the new destination. The strong Conquistador theme was carried through to onsite and post-event communications. A program favorite was an onsite photo kiosk that allowed participants to email photographs of themselves and the destination to family and friends back home. Post-trip, all attendees received photo CDs and three custom videos that highlighted the Award Ceremony, guest entertainer and overall event.
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