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Selva Sierra Litoral/Peru 2002

SSL’s goal was to plan a trip that would shatter people’s preconceptions and remain in their clients’ conversations for a long time to come. They wanted a destination that included pristine nature, unique archaeology and local culture, history, traditions, motivating and energetic places and extremely friendly people as well as comfort and relaxation. Peru was chosen as the “high impact destination” and Condor Travel was chosen as the destination management company. The response to Selva Sierra Litoral, the trip promotion to Peru, was greater than anticipated – 280 people registered. With a higher than expected numbers of attendees, Condor Travel was faced with the challenge of ensuring that the onsite guest experience was truly unique and enjoyable. They divided the attendees into seven groups of 40, which allowed for a more personal experience that brought passengers closer in touch with the Peruvian culture and people. Traveling through the country to five destinations, moving from the lowest altitude to the highest and the most basic accommodations to the most luxurious, Condor Travel delivered a program that was exciting, comfortable and left a lasting impression. The program’s itinerary and name created an identity that was closely tied to the client’s name – SSL Healthcare. SSL also represented Peru’s geography which is separated into three regions that were all visited on this 14-day adventure: Selva (Jungle), Sierra (Mountain) and Litoral (Coast). Top-notch events in each geographic region, complete with local culture and cuisine, ensured a once-in-a- lifetime experience. Guests began their journey at the ocean level (Selva and Litoral) and gradually climbed to the mild altitude of Arequipa before reaching the more difficult altitude of Puno and Cusco (Sierra). Condor Travel negotiated with all local service providers to ensure that each group received identical service, accommodations and transportation. One of many special events included a visit to the ruins in Sillustani in Puno. Guests arrived at the "top of the world" (3,800 meters above sea level) where they found llamas, alpacas and jungle birds roaming among a fantastic view of the lake and were greeted with a private cocktail party that included appetizers flown in from Italy just for them. Condor found a special way to merge their Italian guests into the local culture, giving them a taste of “home.” Wrapping up after an awe-inspiring visit to Machu Picchu was the Gala Dinner, which took place in a 15th century chapel in Cusco.
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