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Listen to the Sounds of Vienna

Fortis chose a group travel program to accomplish their goals. Knowing their sales force consists of mostly well-traveled and highly cultured individuals who are offered a variety of travel incentives, Fortis knew the program destination would be key to their success. After analyzing the competition, Fortis chose Vienna, Austria, a high-end European destination known for its music, art, culture and history. Fortis Health leveraged this beautiful city's most notable image--music--with the development of its theme: Listen to the Sounds of Vienna. The award trip was announced during the previous year's program in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the campaign, a series of promotional pieces motivated participants to sell, sell, and sell by describing the delights they would experience when they won the trip to Vienna. An itinerary detailing the planned unique group activities and unforgettable evenings filled with music was also promoted throughout the campaign. All Managing General Agents (MGAs) and Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) were eligible. In order to win the trip, MGAs had to be in the top 20 of 55 producers and surpass his/her $1 million premium commitment. RSDs had to be in the top 10 of 21 and meet all territory production goals. The goals were set at a percentage increase over the previous year. Because Fortis was offering this exceptional trip to 30 winners, the entire sales force was motivated to sell their products. To increase competition, monthly program standings were sent to all eligible participants. In the qualifying periods' final weeks, there was so much excitement that many participants were calling in daily to get their standings. When the winners were announced, they received a mailing containing a ticket wallet, program of events booklet, "leave behind" cards, bag tags, guidebooks on Vienna, hotel brochures, and their airline tickets. Expectations for a truly unique travel experience were exceeded when the participants and their significant others arrived in Vienna. Each day of the five-day trip featured entertainment unique to Vienna, including a private performance of the Vienna Boys Choir. Elegant gifts were selected to be lasting mementos of Vienna. Gifts included a Svarowski crystal violin, a piece of Venetian porcelain, a hardcover pictorial book on Vienna, a Vienna Boys Choir CD, and a gold bracelet with a custom-designed gold charm. This ensured that the winners would have fond memories of their experience in Vienna and be excited and motivated for the next year's promotional program.
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