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''Spirit of the Seasons'' Challenges Diebold Sales Force

With the Big Island of Hawaii as its incentive destination, the "Spirit of the Seasons...Discovery" promotion focused on four elements: a bird of paradise; wind and water; a snow-capped mountain; and a spewing volcano. Four brochuresóone relating to each of the elementsówere created, using stylized images. A dramatic mailing box was created to increase interest. A videotape announcing the destination, along with the brochures, fit inside the box, which was sent to participants' homes to generate interest among family members. This was followed by Intranet-based promotions, a new approach for the company. The Diebold intranet system provided 24-hour access to program information at a substantially lower cost than traditional printed pieces. Custom-designed on-site materials in Hawaii included signage, banners, invitations, daily newsletters, pop-up itineraries, resort maps, and cards to accompany gifts. Special activities, such as a barnstorming ride in an open-cockpit World War II airplane and dinners at the homes of some of the island's historic families, offered qualifiers a unique look at Hawaii. A month after returning home, Master Circle qualifiers received three videos of trip highlights and a yearbook celebrating the event.
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