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The Agricultural Division of John Deere typically utilizes group travel incentives to drive incrementalbusiness and market share. The company generally realizes an average 17% to 18% sales increasewhen they use travel incentives. John Deere’s 2004 program, Rome MMIV, incorporated a classic location, benchmark awards, and an integrated communications platform to achieve 120% of market share objective and 178% of sales increase goals. The program realized $67 in incremental sales for every dollar spent on the program – an impressive ROI! The program theme, Rome MMIV, communicated the incentive award and program timing, in a classic way, underscoring the desirable destination. To impress the John Deere dealers who are mindful of how money is spent, the communications needed to create excitement about the trip without appearing to be flamboyant. The Rome MMIV campaign balanced a mix of media (print, video, promotional products, and web) with elaborate full color pieces and simple one and two-color communications to deliver a costeffective full range of promotional experiences. The program was announced with a package sent to each dealer that contained a campaign brochure, a video highlighting the destination, and a customized letter signed by the recipient’s Branch Manager. A second mailing included a Murano glass and chrome wine stopper imprinted with the John Deere and Rome MMIV logos. The next mailing featured a Rome Past and Present Book and a CD with a presentation about Rome, its history and culture. The program web site served as a 24/7 administrative center. The Rome MMIV program marked the first time dealers were able to access status statements online, so quarterly printed statements were mailed to each dealer to reinforce the online statements. To help the dealers stay focused on their year-end goal, benchmark goals were established for January, April, and July. Waterford crystal awards with Romanstyle etching border designs were selected to mark these achievements. Multiple communications touch points and ongoing performance feedback kept the John Deere dealers engaged throughout the campaign. Though the program projected one-thousand trips for two people each; Rome MMIV resulted in over two-thousand trips with more than 4,200 travelers. Based on the analysis of monthly sales results, MotivAction adjusted the required air blocks, sleeping rooms, function space, etc. to assure an exceptional experience for each John Deere guest. Additional trips were funded from incremental income.
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