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The Braun Rewards, The Winning Edge program

The Braun Corporation, a manufacturer of vehicle wheel chair lifts, leveraged their involvement as a Bush series NASCAR sponsor to create an exciting incentive program for their US based dealer network. In addition to increasing sales, The Braun Rewards, The Winning Edge program was designed to increase dealer knowledge of Braun’s specialized products and to create a “programmed learning environment” that facilitated dealer training and education. The program was used as a vehicle to deliver important product and training information to the give the dealers a “winning edge”. The program’s NASCAR and racing theme especially appealed to the predominately male Braun dealers that operate in the competitive automotive arena. Each dealership received colorful posters featuring the Braun NASCAR driver and car and the NASCAR racing schedule to promote the program. Promotional items included the Braun racing cap, auto emergency lights, and jumper cables as a reminder to “charge up” their sales. Dealers earned points for successfully completing education and training quizzes on Braun products and for selling those specific products. The customized Winning Edge website housed program details, training information, and the award catalog. Participants were able to redeem their points online for a choice of gift cards from 300 leading retailers and individual travel awards. The Braun Rewards program gave dealers a “winning edge” to be better prepared to assist their customers and increase their sales of Braun products.
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