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EEA E-Books Outlines ISO 10018 Compliant Enterprise Engagement Strategies and Tactics

There's no reason to wait for engagement standards from ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, to profit from engagement. While ISO recently approved the creation of formal standards for engagement, the organization has already created Quality Management Principles and standards for engaging employees in quality management practices in 2012 that provide specific and useful guidelines similar in nature to those first produced by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance in 2009. 
EE ISO Standards eBookClick here for a free copy of the new eBook, Enterprise Engagement and ISO Standards, produced by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA), to learn about guidelines and standards already in place to help organizations of all sizes profit from the formal application of engagement principles. 
According to EEA Founder Bruce Bolger, “We believe the primary reason that engagement scores have not improved over the last decade, despite billions spent on engagement surveys, leadership training and culture change, is because organizations lack knowledge about how to implement a formal engagement process that addresses all the levers of engagement. Engagement involves a formal approach that integrates communication, learning, innovation and collaboration, rewards and recognition, and other initiatives that remain siloed in most organizations. This eBook provides information on a framework and implementation process developed independently by ISO, multiple coalitions of investors, and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance that can be applied today to almost any type of organization."
Bolger notes that with the economic benefits of enterprise engagement so well established, the only barrier to implementation is "a fundamental lack of knowledge on the part of management in marketing, human resources, sales, operations and finance on how to specifically foster the proactive involvement of people to support organizational goals and values in a sustainable way.” He explains: “When multiple organizations with no knowledge of one another’s activities independently come up with similar definitions and approaches for a new field, as is the case with ISO, leading investors and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, their findings merit serious consideration. It is not until the participants in an industry start using similar terminology and accept a general framework, as has occurred in every major field from medicine and accounting to engineering and advertising, that the full potential can be realized.”
The eBook provides an overview of already published ISO standards and guidelines involving people, as well as extracts from research on the impact of engagement on ISO standards compliance, an overview of how engagement standards could affect the business marketplace, and where to go for the current ISO guidelines and standards and other resources. Enterprise Engagement and ISO Standards provides details on a specific framework and implementation process that organizations can begin implementing today. 
Enterprise Engagement and ISO Standards was created with the generous support of Canon Special Markets. Click here for a free PDF copy or view the Digital Flipbook version below:

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