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How to - Part V : How to Budget for Enterprise Engagement Initiatives

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The good news is that most organizations don’t need to create new budgets to engage people, but rather spend their dollars more wisely on what they already do to engage people, which includes:

  • Leadership, Recruitment, Training and Coaching
  • Assessment
  • Communications
  • Learning
  • Innovation and Collaboration
  • Perquisites and Benefits
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Analytics 
The opportunity is to take a look at current programs to see how they can be better designed to address all of the levers of engagement and better aligned to support the overall brand proposition to your organization’s community. 
For instance, many rewards, recognition and incentive programs can be redesigned to promote performance goals and specific actions at the tactical level that lead to desired results. Training and communications platforms can be integrated more strategically to build a community around sharing and learning about people throughout the organization to break down silos. Analytics can be used to better understand specifically the best ways to engage people and to conduct them in such a way that performance goals are consistently achieved. 
Most companies already have a budget for engagement spread out in many nooks and crannies. The idea is to bring these tools together because all of them will work better when fully aligned to support the same fundamental purpose.
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