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How To - Part I: A Re-Introduction to Enterprise Engagement - What is it and Why Does it Matter?

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Everybody’s talking about the importance of customer, distributor partner or employee engagement, but what specifically is the field of Enterprise Engagement and why is it critical to your organization and your career?
For the months leading up to the Engagement University & Expo, April 25-27 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, we’ll be providing an encapsulated review of the new field of Enterprise Engagement and the key issues involved. For a comprehensive overview, go to
Enterprise Engagement is the name for a new formal discipline that focuses on achieving organizational results by fostering the proactive involvement of customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, communities, shareholders – all of the people critical to organizational success. Extensive research proves that companies that effectively engage their people significantly outperform their competitors. 
Why is it called Enterprise Engagement? The ultimate objective is to align everyone involved with your organization under a common brand definition so that every audience that touches your organization – from customers and distribution partners to employees, vendors and even communities – has similar expectations and an appreciation for what your organization stands for.
This alignment increases the chances that everyone’s expectations will be met and can significantly improve the ROI of traditional leadership training, assessment, communications, learning, innovation, rewards & recognition and other engagement tools by focusing them on common goals of benefit to the entire organization and everyone who is part of it.
Design better programs. This strategic focus on addressing all of the levers of engagement in an integrated fashion equally applies to the design of traditional sales, distributor partner, employee and other incentive and recognition plans, which generate better, more sustainable results when all of the levers of engagement that affect performance are addressed.
Get an implementation roadmap. At Engagement University, April 25-27 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, you’ll learn about a formal framework and implementation process that can be used to address almost any sales, marketing, human resources, operational or community engagement challenge.
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