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New EEA Tool Enables Advisors, Organizations to Rate the Maturity of Stakeholder Management

A time-tested tool has been adapted specifically by its creator the Maturity Institute in the UK to help organizations rapidly determine the maturity of their stakeholder management practices and outcomes. 
Organizations and their advisors now have access to an assessment tool that rapidly helps them track the maturity of their organization’s efforts to harmonize and manage stakeholder interests for the purpose of achieving their purpose, goals, objectives, consistent with their values.
The Stakeholder Management Assessment Calculator, powered by the Organizational Maturity Index (Omindex®) adds to the toolkit of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, focused on helping organizations move from talk to action in the implementation of stakeholder management. Earlier this year, the EEA launched the People Value Impact Calculator, which makes it easy to rapidly correlate data related to almost any investment in people management, including training, communications, rewards and recognition, compensation in order to better determine cause and effect and return on investment. Click here for information about all the tools and resources offered by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and how to get involved.
Click here to conduct your own confidential assessment of your organization using SMAC. You will receive your rating and gap analysis almost immediately upon completion. The advanced tools enables your organization to assess its maturity to getting input from multiple stakeholders. 
To conduct the evaluation with your organization, management sends the SMAC survey to top and front-line managers in all their key organizational groups—finance, sales, marketing, human resources, operations, administration, etc.—to rapidly determine how well the organization is focusing all stakeholders on creating value for the enterprise and stakeholders. SMAC compiles the results into a consensus-based report that rates the maturity of your organization’s management of stakeholder interests and identifies areas for improvement.
Organizations can license SMAC on a yearly basis for their own use as frequently as desired to benchmark their progress over time with a significant discount for EEA members. Advisory firms can license a multi-organizational version which enables them to confidentially compile and compare the results of their clients for benchmarking purposes. They can also use their version as a sales tool letting any of their prospects conduct a thumbnail analysis.
Responses to the assessment questions provide a rating and gap analysis related to the following issues:
  • What is the purpose of my organization?
  • Have I defined value in clear and simple terms?
  • What is our intrinsic and market value?
  • Is our business staying in tune with changing societal expectations?
  • Am I trusted?
  • Do principles of responsible human governance apply to all the people we manage or affect?
  • What are my core values?
  • Do I live by clear principles?
  • What am I accountable for?
  • Do we have a clear, coherent, and widely understood business strategy?
  • Do our business plans always consider the full implications for our people, customers and society?
  • Do we fully integrate how all human stakeholders can deliver business value propositions?
  • What is our return on human investment?
  • How far into the future am I prepared to look?
  • What is our mission?
  • Do I attach enough importance to my communication?
  • Do I understand the power of the organization’s whole system?
  • I want us to be flexible and agile, but do we know how?
  • Do we have an effective quality assurance system?
  • Am I obsessive about never-ending improvement?
  • How do I encourage and enable all people to innovate?
  • Are we trying to manage performance process instead of a value improvement system?
  • Are we a true learning organization?
  • What do I know about our people risks?
  • Are we evidence based?
  • Are we incentivizing and rewarding the right things?
  • Do we have the right culture?
  • Are we all doing our best work together?
  • Is the thinking and behavior of our top team collegiate?
  • Am I and the leadership team trusted?
  • Is primary accorded to one stakeholder group?
  • Am I authentic? 
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