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EEA YouTube Show May 7, 1 pm ET: Looking for Performance Alpha Through Human Capital

Searching for AlphaThe CEO of a leading financial services firm and a business valuation expert together will discuss the search for “alpha” or excess returns in stock market investing and business valuations by better understanding the people factor in value creation.

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In an Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube Show, Tue., May 7 at 1 pm ET.  Kristof Gleich, President and Chief Investment Officer of Harbor Capital Advisors, Inc., and Dave Bookbinder, Executive Director, Valuation Services, at Haefele Flanagan will discuss progress in the ability to predict superior long-term returns in organizations that successfully invest in human capital.
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Harbor Capital is a 35-year-old Chicago-based investment firm that markets several ETFs (exchange-traded funds) focused on human capital. Harbor Capital has embraced the methodology of Irrational Capital, a Pennsylvania investment research firm. Irrational’s mission is to use “workplace behavioral science, financial acumen, and deep data science to capture the powerful connection between human capital and stock performance. By understanding company culture and intrinsic employee motivation, we are able to transform these insights into high-returning investment strategies for our partners.”
In the show, Gleich will discuss the reasoning behind the Irrational Capital investment analysis framework, the results so far, and the extent to which he believes investors will begin to seriously address people issues in portfolio management. He will also share information on his approach to leadership and culture at his own company, which was recently recognized as a top workplace by USA today for the third year in a row.
Harbor Capital’s HAPY fund is based on Irrational Capital’s analysis framework that takes into account what the company calls “The Human Capital Factor...which strives to deeply understand company culture and intrinsic employee motivation as a potential driver of stock performance...The index underlying HAPY takes a socially conscious approach that aims to access the potential alpha opportunity of strong corporate culture. The Human Capital Factor is grounded in a robust, nonreplicable dataset of both public and proprietary sources, covering 2,200+ public firms, 10 million plus employee responses totaling 500 million plus data points.”
Haefele Flanagan, founded in 1967 and based in New Jersey, is an accounting firm with a corporate valuations department. Bookbinder,  Executive Director of Valuation Services, has authored two books on the impact of people on business performance: The New ROI: Return on Individuals, and The New ROI: Going Behind the Numbers. He will discuss why he has helped lead the quest to take human capital factors more seriously in the world of human capital valuations, the factors standing in the way, and possible paths for progress.
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