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The EmployeeLife survey creation and management tool is designed to provide human resource consultants and departments a low-cost way to conduct employee engagement surveys. Developed by the Optimum Consulting Group in Brisbane, Australia, EmployeeLife reportedly enables companies to:
  • Generate survey reports within minutes. Results can be shared through an online dashboard.  
  • Manipulate dashboard reports instantly. Data can be filtered and charts selected online.
  • Easily compare results with previous surveys, or even with other clients, with a few mouse clicks. The company says the platform generates comparisons with other surveys instantly.
  • Pay only for actual responses, not per survey. EmployeeLife charges per response and is offering a charter U.S. price of $1.50 per response with no minimums. EmployeeLife also offers an affiliate program that shares 30% of revenues generated from every referral generated by a participating consultant
According to Dino Alentajan, an EmployeeLife consultant, “We have a library of more than 200 questions which the client can choose from, or they can choose to use their own set of questions. Our library of questions is based on our own experience on the typical questions being asked in employee surveys. Our platform is completely customizable, meaning the user has full control on which questions to ask, how many and what type of questions (scale, multiple choice, text, or more.
For more information or to get a free trial survey, go to: or email
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