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Deloitte Survey Looks at the Future of Work and the Workplace

A recent survey by Deloitte (sponsored by Facebook) asked 245 C-level executives about the future of work and the workplace. Results suggest executives, particularly in larger companies, recognize both that work will be very different from the way it has been in the past, and that their roles need to adapt to the new organizational environments they’ll be leading. At its core, says Deloitte, “how we work in future will be more networked, more devolved, more mobile, more team-based, more project-based, more collaborative, more real-time and more fluid. The challenge will to be make sure it is not more complicated, confusing, or overwhelming. This will require better and different ways to communicate, collaborate and network.” Researchers say these changes will require leaders to act increasingly as “network architects and role models for the new ways of working.” Bottom line: The future of work offers an opportunity to provide “the most engaging and motivating environment we have yet experienced and, after decades of aspiring to the idea, to become truly learning organizations.” Read more >

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