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Ogilvy-Hundredx Deal Signals Focus on Customer Engagement

One of the fundamental tools of customer engagement is content marketing, the use of specific types of information, games, incentives, events, etc. to build closer relationships with customers. Ogilvy & Mather’s new partnership with analytics company Hundredx, producer of the Goodsnitch app recently featured in ESM and now rebranded Expresit, draws upon real-time data that clients can use to “improve the design and delivery of branded experiences at every point of customer contact–in product, customer service, communications and more," said John Seifert, chairman and CEO at Ogilvy & Mather North America, in a recent Ad Week article.  The partnership uses Hundredx’s Express Feedback system, which provides both aggregated behavioral and survey data so “consumers have more control than usual about which topics they address,” the company said—as well as providing the ability to mine content, such as customer testimonials, from the Web. According to Ad Week, the partnership underscores the larger trend of traditional agencies ramping up their data capabilities, which in turn creative departments can use to create more personalized campaigns. "The result is that Ogilvy and their clients can create more tailored messaging," said Hundredx founder Rob Pace, "and incorporate real-time decision-making into brand programs."

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