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Fairlane Performance Group, Myaxs, LRG Rewards and Other Entities Now Unified as Engage People, Inc.

Myaxs/LRG Rewards, a global leader in innovative employee and customer engagement solutions, recently announced that it has created an umbrella brand called Engage People, Inc. to bring all of its brands and products together under one unified “global solution.” The new organization will include Fairlane Performance Group, Myaxs Solutions, LRG Rewards, Podium, Activate, ZIP and Dash. For over 20 years, these various entities have worked with airlines, hotels, financial institutions and incentive partners to incentivize and reward employees, channel partners and customers. “We realized a single unified approach to the market will deliver the best options and solutions for our clients, and as such we are excited to bring the engage brand to the marketplace,” says Ron Benegbi, President of Engage People, Inc. “It’s about more than just employee or sales performance or customer loyalty. All of our products and services are designed to deliver a more meaningful, relevant & personalized experience for the participant while delivering a consistent user experience on a global basis.” More information can be found at


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