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Don't Miss This Important Webinar on Social Recognition!

The Enterprise Engagement Institute and Marcus Evans offer you this opportunity to be at the forefront of the emerging trend of ‘Social Recognition.’ This free webinar will address the most important issues surrounding Social Recognition, which uses software and communications to enable people to recognize one another and build relationships across the organization. Topics include: 
  • Defining Social Recognition 
  • Key tools/technologies of Social Recognition 
  • Key issues your SR program must address
  • What can be done to make Social Recognition meaningful and engaging? 
  • What sorts of management and controls are required? 
  • How can Social Recognition be tapped to foster collaboration and innovation? 
  • How can its impact be measured?
When: Wednesday, September 19th, 12 noon EDT
Sponsored by: Marketing Innovators
Speakers: Brad Callahan, VP Business Solutions, Marketing Innovators; Allan Schweyer, Partner, Center for Human Capital Innovation
Cost: FREE
Space is limited! Reserve your spot now.
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