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What is ‘Exponential’ Engagement?

A recent Towers Watson Perspectives examines the growing body of evidence validating the relationship between levels of organizational engagement and financial performance, concluding that that employee engagement takes a company only so far, and that other factors related to the work environment also play important roles. To influence employees’ performance and their willingness and ability to “go the distance,” researchers say employers should focus on two additional aspects of the work environment:

  • Enablement – provide the support employees need to do their work efficiently and effectively.
  • Energy – create a healthful work environment, one that supports employees’ physical, social and emotional well-being.
When an organization builds a workplace that actively marries high levels of employee engagement with enablement and energy, it opens the door wider to a significant performance lift. Think of it as engagement to the power of three – something Towers Watson terms “exponential engagement.” To read the full report, go to .

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