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Towers Watson Study Suggests That Managers Drive Engagement

Recent research by Towers Watson on the factors that increase employee engagement shows that high engagement results from an array of organizational elements, but that a significant driver is recognition from managers. The report cites data indicating that “strong manager performance in recognizing employee performance increases engagement by almost 60 percent.”

The research shows that recognition from one’s immediate manager can give a powerful lift to the two principal engagement drivers cited in the study: senior management’s sincere interest in employee well-being, and employee opportunities for personal skills development. The study adds that, even in low-engagement workplaces, recognition from immediate supervisors and managers has a dramatic effect.

The report, titled “Turbocharging Employee Engagement: The Power of Recognition from Managers,” also examines the three main drivers of recognition by managers – inclusiveness, communication, and trust. Each factor has important aspects that can power up or power down the effect of recognition on employee engagement. This "virtuous circle" represents one of management's most potent tools for focusing employees on what matters to the enterprise and reinforcing the behaviors that contribute most directly to strategic success.

To access a copy of the complete report from Towers Watson, click here.

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