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Look for a Big Return on Efforts to Engage Channel Partners?

A recent report from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance takes an in-depth look at the 2009 annual meeting of brokers and management personnel from a major healthcare provider and finds that companies should expect a big return on such events. The twin goals of the event and study were to implement – and measure the results – of a program of training, industry updates, relationship building, and networking opportunities designed to increase sales and profits in specific markets and engage channel partners with the healthcare provider’s brand.

The company was looking to obtain a clearer understanding of its return on investment (ROI) for the event, and to obtain hard data on participants’ attitudes, learning, behaviors, and actual outcomes following the event to help make decisions about improving future programs. The company used the ROI of Engagement Group to collect and analyze the event data.

Results show the event had a profound impact on the way brokers thought and felt about the company – named “Assante, Inc.” for the purposes of this study. The study found that the event participants had more trust in the company, more confidence that Assante would do what it says it will do, and more confidence that the company’s products will meet customers’ and brokers’ needs. Participants also reported better relationships with Assante staff and a better understanding of the company value proposition. This also translated into brokers’ presenting and quoting Assante products more often and, in turn, selling more product.

For a copy of the two-part research study, The ROI in Channel Partner Conferences: A Two-Part Case Study, click here .

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