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Perspectives on Engaging Employees Offered in New Book

 “The path to being an effective manager and leader begins with a handful of essential traits,” says Michael A. Fina, vice president of Michael C. Fina and author of the recently published Perspectives on Managing Employees. “It’s the ability to build and maintain relationships, the capacity to recognize problems and take the necessary action to solve them, the conviction to trust your instinct, the wisdom to keep an open mind, and above all else, to act with integrity. These traits, combined with a well-developed employee celebration strategy that is aligned with business goals, can improve performance, productivity and profitability.”

In his book, Fina discusses the philosophies that have led to the continued success of his family business and includes his own ideas on engaging employees: Engaging new hires early in their employment, building trusted relationships between managers and employees, and using strategic employee celebrations. He also highlights the importance of employee retention in both good economic times and bad. According to Fina, a well-developed and executed retention plan is key to reducing costs, maintaining productivity, and staying competitive in your market. Most importantly, an effective retention plan doesn’t have to feature the hefty cash bonuses or lavish trips on the company dime that have been the subject of media and public scrutiny of late.

For more on Michael C. Fina Comapny, visit its website at To order a copy of Perspectives on Managing Employees by Michael A. Fina, click here.

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