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Seven Questions to Build a Stronger R&R Program

Article asks: Are your managers trained on how to use rewards and recognition tools? Are you offering rewards that employees want?

A recent article in WorkForce Tools newsletter from offers “Seven Questions to Help You Build a Stronger Employee Reward and Recognition Program.” It argues that “a well-designed program can lift morale, improve productivity, and give companies an edge over the competition.”

Here are the seven questions to ask to ensure that your company’s reward and recognition program is delivering those benefits:

  1. How early are you starting? Informal recognition should start on day one for new hires.
  2. Do managers get it? Training managers and supervisors on how to use reward and recognition tools effectively is key.
  3. Is the “Thank You” personal? Hand-written is better than mass-produced every time.
  4. Do you have clarity? Employees should understand clearly what behaviors are being rewarded and recognized.
  5. Are you delivering what employees want? Find out what type of rewards and recognition your employees will most appreciate.
  6. Are you surprising them? Be on the lookout for thoughtful and innovative new rewards.
  7. Can employees recognize their peers? Build a culture of appreciation by putting the power to reward and recognize into the hands of employees.

For a copy of the complete WorkForce Tools article, click here. For more information, visit

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