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BigPond Points Program Drives Product Understanding and Growth

The program was launched with a Sales Road Show. Giant “BigPoints” branded posters were distributed to all participating stores and call centers. Instant reward vouchers were used as an incentive to join the program; prospective participants received program brochures outlining the rules of the program, the point system and the redemption process and sales tracking lanyards to record sales to keep the program upper mind.
The program Web site not only served as the redemption portal for all staff rewards, it became the key communication vehicle for the launch and, with email announcements, was utilized to update participants on new products and new opportunities to earn points (sales sprints).
“BigPoints” could be earned daily for selling BigPond products; multiple sales were required to earn a significant reward. Repeated selling and upselling behaviors were rewarded and thus reinforced.
To increase product knowledge and enhance selling efforts, participants also earned points when they engaged in interactive training sessions called “BigQuiz”. By gathering specific “sales made” information pre and post “BigQuiz” sessions, Big Pond awarded gold, silver, or bronze rankings to the participants based on the level of training achieved. Participants were also able to sample the products they were selling and thus were better equipped and more motivated to sell them.
To engage the entire channel, store managers and call center team leaders earned a percentage of the overall points earned by their teams.
Appealing to their largely Generation Y sales force, BigPond offered their own Internet related products as incentives. By offering free Broadband, ADSL, BigPond created its own product and brand advocates. In addition, “BigPoints” could be redeemed for a broad range of traditional merchandise and experience gift cards.
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