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"Raymond Safety Bowl"

In the mining industry, the average cost of a Loss Time Accident (LTA) is approximately $50,000. To raise awareness of good safety practices on and off the job, Massey worked with Artistic Promotions to develop an incentive program that would motivate their predominately male work force of coal miners, supervisors, and mine safety directors to improve individual, team, and mine safety performance. Football was a theme that had broad appeal for this target audience and with the goal of improving team performance, it was logical to create the “Raymond Safety Bowl”. The Bowl was named after a former employee, Raymond Bradbury, who was legendary for his concern for safe work habits. Each eligible employee was appointed to a designated football team within their location. The teams competed monthly within their location and with other locations for the best safety performance records. Each month points were awarded based on a 3-tiered accrual system. One third of the points were based on each individual team member working the month without a lost time accident or a disqualifying absence. Another third of the points were based on the member’s team working the month without a LTA and the final third of the points were awarded based on the member’s mine’s site working the month without a LTA. Participants received quarterly updates on their program points via the US mail and they also were able to access these updates via Points were redeemable from the Raymond Safety Bowl Catalog as well as online. Participants who did not have a disqualifying absence and whose team had no lost time accidents were eligible for a quarterly prize drawing. A Grand Prize drawing was also held for participants who worked the entire year without a disqualifying absence or lost time accident. The award catalog, available in print and online, included a variety of outdoor hunting, fishing, and camping items, electronic products, luggage, and home accessories including appliances and lawn equipment. These well-chosen incentives were critical to the success of this program. The program was branded with A “Raymond Safety Bowl” logo and a caricature of Raymond that appeared on the catalog, the web site and a series of safety banners displayed at each mine location. The banners promoted the program and carried themed safety messages, such as “Don’t be penalized by a back injury – Stretch for Safety!” Throughout the year, participants also received branded caps, footballs, hardhat decals, tee shirts, etc. to keep the program fresh.
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