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Unique Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Travel Rewards

A team of three agencies created the reward trip for Unique, which wanted a sophisticated, urban setting that would appeal to its young, dynamic staff. New York City was chosen as the destination, so the trip was themed "Unique Goes Broadway." A six-month-long communication campaign was created to build excitement. A red, white, and blue Big Apple logo was created. A monthly edition of a bilingual newsletter, titled "Unique New York Times," outlined program details, and a series of 3-D promotional mailings was sent to employees. One contained an American flag-print bow tie to be worn by male employees at the final event. Ladies received a blue boa to complement the men's tie. Confirmation information was sent to all guests in a custom-designed American-flag-print box containing a logoed T-shirt, shorts, cap, luggage tags, hotel information, and program guide.
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