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A midweek program in late May at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas used the hotel's decor as inspiration and as the backdrop for recreating the myth of Atlantis. The Poseidon tale was carried out over two evenings, including a gala awards night themed "Night of Poseidon" and a beachfront feast-of-the gods party. Each night's activities began at the hotel's focal point, a sculpture of Poseidon's throne. Using spandex fabric with nautical murals stretched from floor to ceiling, the ballroom was transformed into Poseidon's magical underwater kingdom. Theatrical lighting was used to project ocean waves on the murals and walls. Table decor, menus, food, and entertainment continued the theme. The following evening, guests attended a sacrifice and feast to the gods, featuring Poseidon on his throne flanked by his children, Atlas and Ariel. Blessings were customized to include three Centocor product names and the ceremonial sacrifice of a suckling pig. The Bahamian singer Nita encouraged the group to try local dances, followed by entertainment and fireworks.
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