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''Sellutions'' Promotes Sales of Products, Services

GE Capital's "Sellutions" program offers awards for sales of products and services in approved vendor promotions. The program was introduced via an announcement featuring a scale model Harley-Davidson and a chamois cloth, imprinted with information about the "Sellutions" Web site and program rules. Copy invited participants to "Head out on the highway...the information highway," directing them to the Web site for full program details. Maritz was asked to design the program because GE Capital's sales reps needed easy access to information on the plethora of vendor promotions approved for their participation. The company needed a way to focus on eligible promotions and track award opportunities. It also wanted to manage promotions and vendor funding in such a way that it could provide ROI data to sponsoring vendors. The Web site was designed to contain information about vendor-funded promotions included in the "Sellutions" umbrella program. Sales representatives log onto the site to learn about current promotions, along with past promotions in which they earned awards. Hyperlinks were developed from the Web site to vendors' Web pages.
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