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''Now You See It, Now You Don't''

Unum Corp. hosts its Chairman's Conference every two years to recognize the top 5-10% of the sales force from its seven companies. Program qualifications place heavy emphasis on collaborative sales involving more than one company's products. Sales results for this promotion were spectacular: collaborative sales were up more than 200%, and overall sales increased 15%. The seven days in Australia for qualifiers included a number of special events, but Unum wanted the final night of the trip to be so unique that it would become part of its corporate lore. The result was a night at the Mango House, an old beachfront bar that existed for one night only in the real world, but has become a permanent memory for Unum qualifiers. Construction took place on an isolated beach with limited access and no electricity. A 60-foot jetty was built to withstand the weight of 200 guests, along with a realistic bar, aged and decorated to appear as if the family-owned operation had been in existence for 50 years. A fishing trawler was chartered to come ashore to feed the guests unlimited quantities of fresh shellfish. A total of 30 entertainers and local characters were hired to populate the Mango House. Actor Wayne Rees assumed the role of proprietor Walter Faraday.

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