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Promotional Products: Impact, Exposure And Influence.

Published by: Promotional Products Association International

A Survey Of Business Travelers At DFW Airport


  • 71% of an audience consisting primarily of business people reported having received a promotional product in the last 12 months.
  • Moreover, Moreover 33.7% of this group had the item on their person—a coveted location for advertising that gets seen regularly.

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When asked:

  • 76.1% of the respondents could recall the advertiser’s name on the product that they had received in the past 12 months.
  • In comparison, participants were also asked if they had read a newspaper or magazine in the past week. 80% of the participants said yes, but only 53.5% of them could recall the name of a single advertiser.

See chart.


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Impression Of The Advertiser:

Promotional Products are powerful opinion change agents. Results of the study reveal:

  • 52% of respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product.
  • Of those who had not done business with the advertiser, almost half stated that they were more likely to do business with the organization that gave them the item.
  • The impression of the advertiser is important in building a brand. 52.1% of the participants reported their impression was more favorable since receiving the item.

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Frequent Exposure/Low Cost Per Impression:

The frequency of promotional products ’ use is tantamount to advertising exposure. Of those who reported using the promotional item, 73% stated that they used it at least once a week. 45.2% used it at least once a day. In media measurement, the greater the frequency of exposure, the lower the cost per impression.

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Repeated Exposure:

How long do people generally keep promotional products?

55% of participants generally kept their promotional products for more than a year. year This means repeated exposure over a long period of time.

Amount Of Time Promotional Products Are Generally Kept

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Why Keep The Item?

Note the chart above showing how long people generally keep promotional products. Why do they hold onto the promotional items for so long? This study found:

  • 75.4% thought the item was useful.
  • 20.2% thought the item was attractive.
  • 1% refer to the item for information.
  • 3.3% had other reasons for keeping the item.

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Pass-Along Exposure:

Participants of the study were asked what they do with promotional products they do not plan to keep. Their responses indicate the possibilities of pass-along exposure.

  • 26% of participants reported that they give the item away to someone else.
  • 45% fi le the item away.
  • 30% throw the item away if they do not plan to keep it.

The 26% who give the product to someone else clearly provide ample pass-along exposure to the advertiser similar to that of magazine advertising.

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In A Nutshell:

Promotional Products furnish advertisers with advantages that may not be available in other media. These include:

  • High recall where the name of the advertiser is remembered.
  • Repeated exposure to the advertising message because of length of time the item is kept.
  • A more favorable impression of the advertiser, resulting in a propensity to do business with the organization giving the item.

Promotional products can provide key elements to an advertising campaign and enhance opportunity for driving a message far beyond traditional media.

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This study was conducted at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport using an intercept method in which an audience consisting mainly of business travelers were asked to complete a 22-question survey. The results of this study are based on a sample size of 536 completed surveys, twice the number of participants in similar studies done previously for the Association. To purchase a detailed report, contact the PPAI Bookstore at 972-258-3087or e-mail

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