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Various types of suppliers are available to assist corporate end-users with their incentive programs, depending on their specific needs:

  • Full-service performance improvement companies put together all of the incentive program elements in an integrated fashion to achieve the desired goal.
  • Loyalty management companies focus on the complex long-term issues of customer and employee relationships.
  • Promotion marketing companies incorporate incentives in multipart campaigns to stimulate sales to consumers, distributors, and sales employees.
  • Incentive fulfillment companies offer catalogs in print and online and will drop-ship awards to recipients.
  • Meeting and incentive travel companies offer travel programs designed to inspire through strategic destination selection, on-site events and activities, and multidimensional communications.
  • Promotional Products Consultants: The promo­tional consultant develops solutions to marketing challenges through the innovative use of promo­tional products and is a resource to corporate buyers, marketing professionals and others.
  • Consumer products manufacturers and retailers typically have special markets divisions that sell branded products in quantity for incentive, recognition, and business gift programs. These programs are often sold through regional incentive representatives.
  • Large manufacturers and retailers customarily provide bulk pricing and special services to enhance the impact of their initiatives.
  • Incentive representatives sell brand-name merchandise at factory prices for qualified reward, recognition, and business gift programs.
  • Leading travel organizations - including major airlines, hotel chains, destination management companies, and tourist boards - have meeting and incentive specialists trained to understand the needs of people who wish to use travel to motivate and inspire.

To locate suppliers, go to:, the Web site of The Motivation Show., the Web site of the Incentive Marketing Association.

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