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Awards: Individual Travel

Thanks to the advent of gift certificates and cards, individual travel awards have become almost a staple in the award portfolio of many organizations. These programs lack the ability to forge camaraderie, of course, but they have high appeal and perceived value among almost any demographic group. Dozens of travel suppliers and incentive companies offer different types of individual travel programs – some including only the airline or the hotel, others including nearly complete packages. Look for programs that add special enhancements that add to the sense of personal touch, such as in-room amenities, notes from management, pillow gifts, etc. Some of the suppliers can offer personalized communications and gift certificate packaging to maximize presentation.

A special variety of travel voucher is often used in the consumer marketing field, entitling people to very inexpensive stays subject to using a designated travel agents, using specific hotel properties, and committing to a presentation on time-share opportunities. Companies that care about making legitimate offers will look carefully at the fine-print on these programs to make sure that recipients will not later feel deceived, or worse.

Individual travel programs are often used as awards in consumer, sales, channel partner, and employee incentive and recognition programs.


  • Highly desirable
  • Memorable
  • Easy to promote
  • Involves the significant other or family
  • Easy to buy
  • Affordable, local options.


  • No opportunity for camaraderie
  • No learning or substantive communication opportunities.

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