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Enterprise Engagement Certification Test (Certified Engagement Practitioner)

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This test is designed to help business professionals demonstrate their knowledge of the leadership skills and tactics required to engage people in the 21st century. The test is divided into four sections you can take separately as many times as you wish over a one-month period: 

  1. Principals and Economics of Enterprise Engagement
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. General Enterprise Engagement Tactics
  4. Channel Partner and Customer Engagement

Each section includes 30 to 53 multiple choice and true/false questions that will change each time the test is taken. You must achieve a minimum score of 85% in all four sections in order to qualify for CEP certification. 


  1. Preparation. View the free online webinars for each facet of the curriculum and read associated white papers. Other options are to participate in one of the ongoing free live webinar programs throughout the year or attend a face-to-face program for a personalized learning opportunity at Engagement University or other events: click here for the latest schedule.
  2. To register for the exam, simply start part one. You will be asked for your name, title, email address, etc. Your name and all information provided will remain anonymous unless you opt for recognition under the paid certification program.
  3. Select a section of the test and take it. You will have between 40 to 60 minutes per section, depending on its length. You must finish each part in one sitting but you can spread the four parts over a period of up to 4 weeks.
  4. Upon completion of each test section, you will be notified immediately whether you passed or failed. If you pass, you will receive a written acknowledgement by email.
  5. Upon successful completion, contact to complete the process.
  6. If you are not already in the first part of the exam, go here to register and start Part One.

Take the Test

Click on the appropriate test

Part One
Part Two 
Part Three 
Part Four

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