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How to - Part VI : Applications for Enterprise Engagement

The principles of Enterprise Engagement apply to the way an organization defines its brands and then the way it uses engagement tactics to foster the proactive involvement of customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities. 
Like Six Sigma does for manufacturing, Enterprise Engagement applies a strategic approach to designing engagement programs that achieve clear, measurable results. 
Organizations already address almost all of the issues of Enterprise Engagement in current branding, leadership development, assessment, communications, collaboration, innovation, rewards & recognition and analytics efforts, but very few do so in a strategic way designed to align the organization toward common, customer-focused goals. 
The principles of Enterprise Engagement can be used to design more effective and measurable:
When you look at success as a series of positive relationships with customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities, it sheds an entirely new light on each and every business practice, from the way organizations train leaders to the more granular ways they design marketing and communications, from loyalty programs and events to social media and rewards & recognition programs. 
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