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Learn How the Nation’s Most Successful Companies
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April 14-16 2015
Omni Interlocken Hotel
Denver, CO

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance
Conference and Expo

Co-produced with the People-Centric Company Ratings and the Engaged Company Stock Index

Engagement University: Education that helps put the rubber to the road

The Enterprise Engagement Expo: Solution providers who can translate ideas into results

The People-Centric Company Ratings and the Engaged Company Stock Index (ECSI) were developed by McBassi & Co., one of the nation’s leading analytics companies, with support from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, the leading education and outreach organization in the field.

In the 18 months since it was established, the ECSI has outperformed the S&P 500 by 34%.

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Preliminary Schedule

Day 1: Learning Day
9 am-10 am: The People-Centric Ratings and What They Prove
10:10 am-11 am: Interactive Session on the People-Centric Ratings and Their Conclusions
11:10 am-12 noon: Breakout sessions (2 in each time slot): Framework; Communications
1 pm-1:50 pm: Learning; Economics
2 pm-2:50 pm: Assessment; Rewards & Recognition
3 pm-3:50 pm: Curriculum Preparation; Innovation
4 pm-5 pm: Open Plenary Session on Opportunities and Challenges

Day 2: Hands-On Day
9 am-5 pm:  Enterprise Engagement Expo

2 pm-2:50 pm: Breakouts
Employees and Recognition
3 pm-3:50 pm: Breakouts
Consumers and Working With Silos  
4 pm-5 pm: Plenary Session
Review of latest research on engagement and how organizations can start benefiting now.

Day 3: Bringing it All Together
9 am-10 am: Hear from three of the top companies selected in the People-Centric Ratings and Engaged Company Stock Index. The 2015 Top Performing Companies will also be announced.

10 am-1 pm: Hands-On Day 2
Enterprise Engagement Expo and Roundtables

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