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Building Bonanza

Company: Meeting Professionals International

Programs: "Building Bonanza" Recruitment Program

Program Types: Sales

Program Details: This recruiting promotion for Meeting Professionals International was based on a series of incentive levels that awarded prizes to those who signed up specified numbers of new members. The construction theme was called a “Building Bonanza” and awarded construction-type prizes at the different levels. One or two new members earned the recruiter an eight-attachment screwdriver. Three to five new members earned the recruiter a builder’s coffee mug. The five different levels built the incentive awards up to an “Architect” level for those who recruited 16 or more new members. These recruiters received a 13-inch crystal hammer on a black marble base and an entry into a drawing for one of three international Ritz-Carlton Hotel destinations.

Objective: The goal of this program was to successfully solicit and enroll 4,800 new members worldwide in the 1998-99 fiscal year.

Sponsor Assocication: PPAI

Results: This highly effective campaign yielded the most members recruited in one year in the association’s 27-year history: 6,012 new members. The program brought in nearly $1,900,000 in new member fees, exceeding the budgeted revenue by $381,780.


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