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That's Amore

Identifying 80 companies with a minimum of 1,000 employees, Adventures in Advertising/SuccesMakers developed a promotional campaign that not only explained clearly what the company does – it also illustrated its creativity. The targeted companies received a miniature pizza box containing a compressed t-shirt in the shape of a pizza. The “pizza” came in a box with a light-activated sound chip that sang “That’s Amore” when the box was opened. Who could resist? Even more pertinent, the distributor in charge of the promotion was Cara Amore, whose background as a trained chef played neatly into the program’s pizza theme. The top side of the compressed T-shirt looked like a pizza; the flip side had a picture of Cara with the caption, “I’m Amore!” Recipients also found Amore’s bio inside -- which emphasized the ability to create impactful marketing campaigns using promotional products. The pizza boxes were either direct mailed or hand-delivered during cold calls.


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